ACT conducts free medical day in Al Risha and Ber Mathkour areas

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As part of its continued efforts to deliver a measurable positive impact on the lives of local citizens, Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT), the most sustainable gateway into Jordan and the Levant, held a free medical day for the less fortunate communities in Al Risha and Ber Mathkour areas, which took place on March 30th 2015. 
In an effort to support healthcare services to the neighboring areas of Aqaba, the CSR Committee at ACT conducted a field study to gauge common health conditions affecting various demographics in the area, including school students and elderly citizens. The CSR Committee at ACT collaborated with Tabuk Pharmaeuticals, Nat Health and Dr. Ghaith Al Shawawrah as well as Khair center to acquire the equipment and the medication necessary to address the identified conditions, the larger portion of which was procured by ACT.
The team delivered a total of 80 blood pressure meters and glucometers and provided the beneficiaries with basic guidelines on how to operate them in order to avoid complications from hypertension and diabetes.
In addition to conducting general medical examinations and offering patients information on their specific conditions, the team also held awareness sessions that tackled a variety of key health issues, such as influenza and its symptoms, common pregnancy complications, preventive medicine, and others. Awareness booklets were also distributed to attendees to serve as future guides if necessary.
"Better healthcare is one of the key pillars of our CSR strategy, which is why ACT continues to organize its free medical days on an annual basis," explained ACT's CEO, Jeppe Jensen. "The primary objective of this initiative is to benefit the largest possible number of individuals within our target communities, providing them with immediate healthcare services to address their various conditions while raising awareness on other common conditions and offering constructive guidelines on prevention and treatment."
Jensen further expressed ACT's gratitude to Tabuk Pharmaeuticals, Nat Health and Dr. Ghaith Al Shawawrah and Kair center, whose efforts and input helped make the medical day a success and allowed the terminal's Community Development Committee to deliver the best healthcare possible to beneficiaries.
The team also delivered stationary, school bags, jackets and basic clothing to school students in the area to support education and improve the daily living conditions of the children.
ACT is a joint venture between the Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC) and APM Terminals — the leading global provider of advanced logistical services — operating via a 25-year build-operate-transfer agreement signed in 2006. The terminal constitutes the logistical and economic backbone of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), serving as the preferred gateway to the region for many active markets around the world. Over the years, the terminal has become a shining example of a large-scale establishment operating under a progressive leadership with an uncompromising dedication to sustainable growth.