ACT Sponsors Medical Day in Al-Quierh Delivering Much-Needed Supplies

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Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT), the most sustainable gateway to Jordan and beyond, held a special medical day on March 1st to help the less fortunate members of Al-Quierh village in the south of Jordan.

In support of the “Albadya Aljanoubieh” association, ACT’s corporate social responsibility committee first conducted a field study to assess the conditions and the special medical needs of the village population.

Following the assessment, suitable medical equipment and basic healthcare supplies were procured and delivered by ACT to those most in need. The supplies including an electrical wheelchair, nine normal wheelchairs, a hearing device for a deaf person, boxes of baby formula, packs of baby diapers, and other essential supplies. To support the initiative, numerous community members attended the supply distribution, including a representative of the Governor of Aqaba.

“ACT is an active contributor to positive socioeconomic advancement in and around Aqaba, and is a conductor of social responsibility in the area. The primary objective of this initiative is to support the less fortunate people of our community by providing them with much-needed medical equipment and basic healthcare products,” said ACT’s CEO Steven Yoogalingam.

Regular medical days are just one of the many community programs sponsored by ACT, which serve to better the local community in the south of Jordan, specifically the villages surrounding Aqaba. By supporting the less fortunate members of society in these areas, ACT contributes to empowering them, which results in not only a better quality of life, but in success and prosperity for the area as a whole.

ACT has conducted similar special medical days in other villages in the past such as Al Disi, Al Risha, Ber Mathkour, and Qweireh. Education, environment, and well-being form the three main pillars of ACT’s corporate social responsibility program.

ACT is a joint venture between the Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC) and APM Terminals, the leading global provider of advanced logistical services, operating via a 25-year build-operate-transfer agreement signed in 2006. The terminal constitutes the logistical and economic backbone of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), serving as the preferred gateway to the region for many active markets around the world. Over the years, the terminal has been a shining example of a large-scale establishment operating under a progressive leadership with an uncompromising dedication to sustainable growth.