Aqaba Container Terminal promotes environmental awareness

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Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT), the preferred gateway to the Levant region and beyond, participated anew in this year’s Go Green Week global initiative launched by the leading port and terminal operator, APM Terminals. Over the years, ACT has steadily demonstrated its endless concern for the marine ecosystem of Aqaba. This year, a special focus was given to cultivating community partnerships.
From the 19th to 27th of September, ACT employees from Health, Safety, Security and Environmental Department (HSSE), CSR Committee, Environmental Steering Committee, along with Operations, Engineering, and Administration Departments carried out three campaigns under the Go-Green initiative.
The first campaign featured awareness sessions for contractors, external truckers, and ACT employees about plastic and its effects on both health and the environment – including the marine eco system. Brochures were then distributed showing the impact of plastic pollution and ways to reduce our environmental footprint.
In cooperation with the Environmental Police, Royal Marine Conservation Society, Marine Science Station, Fishermen Association, Clean Blue Team, The International School, Rosary School, Directorate of Education of Aqaba, and ALV, the second campaign, which is also part of ACT’s environmental sustainability program, was an extensive cleanup of the beachfront bordering the northern part of the terminal, including clean up dive– a collecting area for marine debris – where a total of 1.5 ton of solid waste were collected and 800 kg from underwater.
The final campaign, which aimed to increase greenery within ACT, was the treatment and reuse of oil barrels to be readily used for planting in several areas in the terminal. An increase of green areas benefits more than just health, but also promotes bio-diversity, facilitates water management, and reduces effects of noise pollution.
ACT’s participation in Go Green Week 2019 comes as part of the company’s comprehensive efforts to promote environmental awareness and conservation, as well as educating and promoting the go-green mindset. Furthermore, ACT is a partner organization in “Clean-up the World” campaign, which aims to create a culture of enhanced awareness among Jordanians to fight against the harmful effects of litter on the marine environment, human health, and the economy.