Aqaba Container Terminal -Your Gateway to the Red Sea

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During a recent business event organized by Capital Bank last Thursday in Amman in the presence of Jordanian and Iraqi government officials, businessmen, importers and exporters, Aqaba Container Terminal CEO Steven Yoogalingam put forward a compelling case for using the container terminal of Aqaba as the preferred Gateway to Iraq.
With its deep draft, state-of-art facility and best in class performance, ACT has been able to handle the ever increasing vessel size deployed on the ocean by the Lines, going from 5,500TEU vessels in 2014 to more than 14,500TEU today.
The 10 largest global shipping lines - jointly controlling more than 80% of the global container line capacity - are all calling Aqaba Container Terminal, giving the Jordanian and Iraqi business community the largest choice of carriers and the widest global access to their supply of goods and materials from overseas and as well as to their export markets.
To further strengthen Aqaba’s competitiveness to Iraq, ACT offers special discount of 40% on its terminal handling charges and with the great support of the Jordanian Customs and Inspection authorities, the containers in transit to Iraq will be able to reach the border of Trebil within just 36 hours after discharge at Aqaba, using the new pre-arrival clearance process. The support of the Iraqi government and the relevant authorities, as expressed during the event in Amman, will ultimately allow the containers to reach Baghdad just 48 hours after discharge in Aqaba, without transfer of the containers from one truck to another at the border. A study actually showed that food items shipped from Brazil to Iraq, for instance, could reach Baghdad 2 weeks faster via Aqaba Container Terminal.
Yoogalingam said “Aqaba Container Terminal has been working hard over the years to develop a competitive gateway to Iraq, enhancing the already strong Iraqi port system and giving the business community of both countries a fantastic transportation system which will better support the economic development of the region and allow the Jordanian and Iraqi trucking communities to grow and develop their business in a more sustainable manner. We are sincerely grateful to Capital Bank for arranging such a successful business event”.