Aqaba Private and Public Sectors Join Forces to Elevate City’s Strategic Profile at Upcoming Trans Middle East Conference and Exhibition

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With the 15th annual Trans Middle East Conference set to take place in Aqaba from 23 to 25 October 2018, the private and public sectors are teaming up to demonstrate once again the vibrant economic system of the country and the fantastic opportunity for Aqaba to transform into a modern logistics and transportation hub for the region.
The Conference is being held in partnership with the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA), the Aqaba Development Corporation, (ADC), Jordan Chamber of Commerce, Aqaba Chamber of Commerce, Jordan Shipping Association, and a number of leading private sector companies, including Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT) and Orange Jordan.
“We are proud that the organizers of this major international annual event will hold the 15th Trans Middle East conference and Exhibition in our dynamic city of Aqaba,” said HE Chief Commissioner of ASEZA Nasser Shraideh. “The Transport and Logistics sector is essential to the economy of the city and the wider country. This international event will surely attract many more, making use of the new conference facilities that will be available in Aqaba very soon.”
Shraideh went on to say that conferences are among the chief factors in attracting tourism and supporting commerce in one of the most important coastal cities on the Red Sea, a city that plays a vital role in the national economy. He added that this conference points to the adoption of a new promotional strategy for Aqaba that is based on non-traditional tourism markets.
“Today, infrastructure development is a key element of any country’s strategic development plan,” said HE Ghassan Ghanem, CEO of ADC. “Aqaba has been home to many such projects, including one that remains among the most successful Public-Private Partnerships in Jordan – ACT. We are delighted that the conference will allow us to showcase Aqaba’s strong development and its great potential for further growth.”
ASEZA and ADC have a long track record for attracting business and investments to Jordan’s only port city and primary logistics gateway. As the administrative authority responsible for managing, overseeing, and promoting the Aqaba Special Economic Zone, ASEZA has helped facilitate the commercial, industrial, touristic, and cultural revival of the Kingdom’s coastal city. The authority has done this in close coordination with ADC, which was created in order to unlock and accelerate the potential of the Aqaba Special Economic Zone. ADC and ASEZA will have a prime opportunity to showcase the value of Special Economic Zones in the region while underscoring the need for accelerated infrastructure development to firmly position the wider country as the logistics cluster of the Levant. The support of the private sector, embodied by the partnership of Jordan and Aqaba Chambers of Commerce, Jordan Shipping Association as well as flagship companies such as ACT and Orange will highlight the favorable business environment of the Kingdom.
 “This conference, which will bring the foremost international experts to Aqaba to share global best practices about infrastructure development, is testimony to the dynamism of Jordan’s private sector, and the true value of the public-private partnership,” said HE Nael Kabariti, Chairman of Jordan Chamber of Commerce. “Modern transport and logistics infrastructure has become essential to the development of our commerce and industries, so as to create jobs which will then generate sustainable economic growth. This conference is the opportunity for the private sector to join forces with the public sector to make a difference for the generations to come.”
 “Maritime transport remains the most efficient way, economically and environmentally, to transport large amount of cargo from one place to another. The hard work of the shipping agent community of Jordan, together with Aqaba Container Terminal, has allowed them to attract every major global shipping line to include Aqaba, using some of the largest vessels on directs services. This international conference is a fantastic opportunity to promote the competitiveness of our port system, and to position Aqaba as the most sustainable gateway to the Levant and beyond” said Ghassoub Kawar, Chairman of Jordan Shipping Association.
The Trans Middle East Conference and Exhibition is one of the largest annual transport and logistics event in the Middle East. Hosted by ACT, the conference will take place in Aqaba from 23 to 25 October 2018 and will feature 18 international experts from 15 different countries, including Professor Yossi Sheffi from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Wolfgang Lehmacher from the World Economic Forum (WEF), Sue Barrett from European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Mr Luc Cabellec from Agence Francaise de Development (AFD), and many others.