For the eighth consecutive year “Ikfal Taleb” campaign covered 14 schools in Aqaba and neighboring villages

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In cooperation and coordination with the Directorate of Education in Aqaba Governorate, in addition to cooperation with helping hands for development and relief, Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT) launched "Ikfal Taleb" campaign for the eighth year in a row, as a part of company’s commitment to continue serving the community and in order to relieve the parents and support them in carrying out school expenses for their children.During the campaign 750 school bags including full stationary and books to cover the full year needs been distributed into 14 schools within Aqaba city and neighboring villages inclining Qatar, Al-Risha, Rashidiya and Daisa.This campaign concentrate on Aqaba Container Terminal role in supporting the social and economic development process, and in support the principle of community solidarity, and its intention to continue supporting the local community in the belief that building the country cannot be achieved without developing the educational process and graduating a generation of youth armed with knowledge and able to continue working. This has made education programs one of the most important pillars of community work that support a number of students who cannot afford their studies, which guarantees them a better future and contributes to positive change in society.Support the education is one of many other CSR projects that ACT develops to support the community under three key pillars which are Education (Ikfab Taleb, Al-Shamlah school, Aqaba University etc), Wellbeing (Free medical day, KHCF, Run Jordan, Global Safety day, Charity people etc) and Environment (Clean-up the World Campaign, Go-Green, Recycle etc).