The employees' kids 4th visit to Aqaba Container Terminal

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It is sometimes difficult for us to explain what we are doing for our children, accordingly; the internal communication committee at Aqaba Container Terminal started an initiative for kids to visit their dad/mom in the workplace and see in their own eyes what they are doing.

This initiative started in August 2016 and carried out twice a year, where 20 children visited each time to take a field trip, visit various port facilities and learn about the work of their parents. Due to the increase in the number of ACT employee participation, the number was raised in this visit to cover 40 kids.

The tour started with a visit to the administration building, where vests and ID cards were specially designed for them to live the whole experience, they been welcomed by the CEO and administrative staff. The visit afterword took different angel, where they visited HSSE Building and introduced to basic safety measures. They also pass by the clinic ,the fire and ambulance cars to understand what the HSSE doing. The visit concluded with a tour of various port facilities such as operations and engineering, watching the equipment used in port operations and clarifying the great efforts required to operate the usage of the big equipment.

To have a look at the photos of this visit please check the below link: