Environmental Report

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The aim of the environmental report is to provide environmental information to the public and other interested parties regarding the environmental impact and performance of the ports’ major environmental aspects.
It may be regarded as a major communication tool with these parties. The report should include reference to continual improvement of environmental performance of both the organization itself and the environmental quality.
The minimum information needed to produce the environmental report, is the same as has already been compiled for this Guidelines + performance data on aspects and impacts. Therefore, an efficient way to produce an environmental report is to combine the collected information and the filled-in formats into a single document and make it publicly available.
The minimum requirements for the information in the environmental report shall be as follows:
a. a description of the nature and size of port activities
b. the environmental policy statement
c. an overview of major environmental aspects, impacts, and the port’s performance on these issues, based on the results of the monitoring of environmental performance indicators
d. a brief description of the environmental management organization
e. Identification of relevant stakeholders related to the port environment, their needs and expectations and the engagement of stakeholders with the environmental port activities,
f. some examples of environmental objectives, actions and projects
g. contact information.
The report shall be produced at least once every two years and be publicly available, e.g. on the website of the port.
Environmental Reports 2017