Global Go-Green Initiative

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Aqaba Container terminal, the preferred gateway to Jordan and the Levant region, is actively participating this year again in the Go Green global Initiative. Initially lead by the 5 largest port and terminal operators in the world, the Go Green global Initiative was the first ever joint industry environmental awareness initiative of such magnitude.
Operated by the leading port and terminal operator APM Terminals, ACT has demonstrated over the years its constant care for the marine ecosystem of Aqaba and a special focus is given this year to beat the plastic pollution and the preservation of the environment we live in with the active participation of the community.

Throughout the period from Sep 24th till Oct 5th the employees of ACT from Health, Safety, Security, and Environmental Department (HSSE), CSR Committee, Environmental Steering Committee, will carry out several initiatives under the Go-Green campaign.

The first initiative featured awareness sessions for all employees about plastic effect on both health and environment, and a distribution of brochures and water bottles to be used as replacement for the disposable plastic cup in order to reduce our footprint on the environment.

In cooperation with, The Environmental police, Royal Marine Conservation Society, Royal Navy Force, Fishermen Association, Aqabawi team and ALV, the second initiative was to clean-up the beach front bordering the northern part of the terminal which consider a collecting area for sea wastes and it’s as a part of Aqaba Container Terminal sustained program within environmental activities.

The Third initiative conducted was a diving campaign In cooperation with the Royal Navy Force and some ACT’s diving team, aimed to save the marine life by clean the sea from plastic wastes which sank in the sea around the Roll-on/Roll-off (RORO) berth sites inside ACT.

Final activity in the program is to post an awareness campaign to Aqaba society by distributing brochures about plastic effects and introducing off safe plastic codes within a local newspaper, this will help to reach all citizen in Aqaba city.

ACT’s participation in Go Green initiative comes as part of the company’s comprehensive efforts to promote environmental awareness and conservation, as well as educating and promoting the go-green mindset. ACT received the most coveted ISO14001:2015 accreditation in 2016 and is the first terminal in the Middle East and the only second outside Europe to receive the Port Environmental Review Systems (PERS) certification from the European Sea Ports Organization.