Industry Experts Gather in Aqaba to Highlight Jordan’s Strategic Interest

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The upcoming and highly-anticipated 15th Trans Middle East Exhibition and Conference is taking place in Aqaba next month, and provides a unique platform to promote the coastal city and the wider Hashemite Kingdome of Jordan as the upcoming new logistical and transportation hub for the region.

To better expound upon this topic, the conference will be attended by a host of international keynote speakers and business leaders who will share global best practices and new trends based on their experience and expert knowledge of the strategic subject matters.

“We are proud that the organizers of this major international event will hold their 15th Trans Middle East conference and Exhibition in our dynamic city of Aqaba where the Transport and Logistics sector are so essential to the economy of the city and the wider country.” Said H.E Chief Commissioner Nasser Shraideh.

“Developing sustainable transport and logistics infrastructure is a fantastic investment opportunity for the private sector to create, in partnership with the public sector, what will be the backbone of a competitive economy for Jordan” said Minister of Investment Shehadeh.

Notable among the speakers headlining the conference are Professor Sheffi, Director for the Center for Transport and Logistics of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Wolfgang Lehmacher, Head of Supply Chain and Transport Industry at the World Economic Forum (WEF). Both represent the world’s foremost authorities on transport and logistics infrastructure development and digitalization. Dr Amr Abu Suleiman of Orange Jordan, strategic partner of the conference, together with Mr Michael Bouari, CEO of 1-Stop Connections, and Nicolas Buhmann from TadeLens will explain how a new digital platform underpinned by blockchain technology and integrating latest Internet-Of-Things technology could revolutionize global trade. The new digital platform TradeLens supported by IBM, Maersk, and Walmart, recorded more than 185 million transactions across 5 countries in just a few months.

“In today’s fractured but also more balanced world of global trade and commerce, the importance of geographic regions and their connectivity, capabilities and ability to collaborate with other markets has risen significantly,” said Wolfgang Lehmacher, WEF. “The way Jordan is going to ramp up its logistics platform will not only impact its own position but the future role other parts of the region might be able to play. I am excited to join the conference to learn first-hand about past achievements and planned activities to improve the position of this strategically well positioned logistics and trade hub of the world – economically, socially and environmentally; a curiosity which others might have in common with me, for personal enrichment and in the interest of their businesses.”

Professor Yossi Sheffi, MIT, said that “Aqaba sits in a geographically strategic location between Asia and Europe, and is central to the Middle East. It has the potential to be a major hub of international flow of good where value added activities create a large number of jobs and help the economic growth of Jordan and the region.”

Commenting on the occasion Chief Enterprise Officer of Orange Jordan Sami Smeirat said, “Orange Jordan has often played a first-mover role in promoting innovation and growth in this new digital era. The Internet-Of-Things is one of the new technologies which will support and accompanying the transformation of our enterprise customers, by providing unmatched connected solutions for the transport and logistics industry".

The event will be hosted by Aqaba Container Terminal, in cooperation with the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA) and Aqaba Development Corporation.