Marine Services

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ACT provides the whole package of supply chain services through Aqaba Marine Services.


Anchorage is in depths of 20-90 meters, available 0.8 nm from the shore, north-west of the Main Port. At anchorages 1-7 (near-east), cargo is transferred to lighters. Anchorages 8-11 are used for ships waiting to berth. Anchorages may accommodate up to 14 ships during busy times. All vessels must lie in the compulsory pilotage area. At anchor, vessels must stay at least 0.5 nm from the Royal Jetty.


Compulsory for vessels over 50 net registered tonnes and applies in all port areas. Pilotage is also compulsory during berthing operations and when entering the north anchorage area. Vessels are permitted to move without a pilot in an emergency, providing permission is obtained from the port harbormaster.

Pilotage is available from harbormaster through Port Control. Ships in harbor requiring a pilot should contact Port of Aqaba control (VHF channel 16, working channel 12) one hour before the ship is ready to move. Advance notice of a requirement for a pilot should be given to the agent who should contact the operations manager or a representative. Some vessels may proceed to open sea from an anchorage without a pilot. However, the presence of a pilot is required when a vessel leaves a berth. Sound signals are prohibited. Ships intending to berth alongside the Container Terminal must wait for a pilot 1.6 km (1 nautical mile) away.


The use of tugs is compulsory for all berthing operations. This is charged at the prevailing rates shown in the official tariff. The Port of Aqaba has seven tugs, from 800 hp to 3,200 hp, usually based in the Main Port.


Main engines must not be immobilized without the prior consent of the harbor master. Vessels must be made fast with adequate mooring lines. Vessels carrying IMO 1.1 explosives, ammonium nitrate, radioactive materials and potassium chloride are prohibited berthing alongside.

Fire Brigade

The Aqaba Port Corporation has its own fire brigade facility. This includes three fire-engines with water and foam, one rescue fire-engine with water, three ambulances and two tugboats with foam.