A Message From CEO

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Dear valued stakeholders,

On behalf of the ACT team, I extend a heartfelt greeting to you, our esteemed partners, customers, and friends. For over a decade, ACT has been the premier gateway to Jordan, playing a crucial role in the country’s economy. Over the course of this journey, we have left behind a long track record of success, reaching noteworthy milestones in terms of our operational strength and efficiency, business development, and community outreach. It is not only the work we do at ACT, but also the way in which we do it, that makes me proud to be a part of this leading company in the Kingdom.

Perhaps the most impressive milestone reached of late was the expansion of ACT’s berth, which now spans an impressive 1,000 meters. In addition to this, we improve the terminal’s infrastructure to reach an annual container capacity of 1.3 million TEUs, which will greatly enhance our capabilities.

One of the things we most pride ourselves on at ACT is our steadfast commitment to transparency and full disclosure. We recently published our annual sustainability report, titled, The Most Sustainable Gateway to Jordan and Beyond, which once again received the coveted Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) certification – making ACT the first terminal in the Middle East, the only company in all of Aqaba, and one of only four companies in all of the Kingdom to meet the new modular structure of the GRI standards. It is our belief that the numbers achieved in the latest report are truly worth celebrating, as they highlight ACT’s care for the environment, dedication to the local communities, and contribution to the national economy.

At ACT, rigorous health and safety standards define the way our business is conducted, and these standards continue to remain one of our major areas of focus. Over the years, ACT has been recognized with numerous accolades, perhaps the most coveted of them being the Global Health and Safety Awards. Each employee is of the utmost importance at ACT, and we will continue making strides toward even greater workplace efficiency and safety.

Along with the rest of the team at ACT, I am fully aware that our success would not be possible if not for the community that we serve. In light of this, ACT does its best to support local communities in any way we can. This commitment to helping our local communities is founded on three main pillars: education, environmental impact, and overall wellbeing.

These pillars are demonstrated through our various sustainability initiatives, such as Ahl Al Khair, which distributes food packages and coupons to underprivileged families in Aqaba and the surrounding areas. This is just one of the steps ACT has taken to improve the lives of people in our local communities. Furthermore, our Ekfal Taleb initiative has been able to support the academic and educational journeys of local students, distributing essential school supplies to children in and around Aqaba.

Our commitment to being a responsible, caring entity extends beyond our efforts to protect and uplift our employees and local communities: we at ACT are also tirelessly dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment, for the good of our planet as a whole. ACT implements and supports countless environmental sustainability initiatives, including our active participation in Go Green Week. During this annual initiative, we promote environmental awareness and conservation through a series of informative sessions on climate change, as well as a series of beach cleanup activities and coral reef diving campaigns to keep the reef clean. All of this is carried out in cooperation with our employees, members of the Aqaba community, and local trucking companies.

These are just a few of ACT’s many recent achievements, and for these and the many others, we would like to sincerely thank our valued stakeholders: it is only by working together that we can continue to evolve, and it is through the trust you instill in us that we continue to serve as the preferred gateway to Jordan and beyond.


Steven Yoogalingam