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Aqaba container terminal (ACT) committed to provide safe, secure and smooth business environment for its personnel, customers, contractors and visitors. 

Terminals properties and cargo movements within the terminal are protected against theft or vandalism or corruption.

over the last few years a variety of container terminal  security policies and procedures options have been proposed and applied, to reach the best practices in security and safety, which  currently being  considered such as:

  • Port departure inspections.
  • Security patrolling and CCTV monitoring 24/7.
  • Physical security measures.
  • Electronic/smart ID cards.
  • Scanners operated by customs.
  • Controlling and monitoring access.
  • Safety and security awareness.
  • External parties viloation proceduces. (Click here)

By the end of these practices, we are complying with international ports and ship security code (ISPS Code) and certified as a secure port,

ISPS Code Certificate (click here)