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Working toward a successful, safe and sustainable business

Through prudent investment, ACT is proud of the role it plays in developing not only Aqaba, but Jordan's economic growth as a whole in terms of upgrading and expanding Jordan’s supply chain positioning through the Aqaba gateway making a significant contribution to the prosperity of the national economy.

There are many ways to measure success, not all of which are reflected in financial performance and new concessions signed, we determine the success of our accomplishments by achieving high safety standards, reducing the environmental impact of our operations and by making positive contributions to Aqaba community.

We are confident that we can achieve long-term sustainable business success, through a strict adherence to principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and financial transparency and accountability, as listed in the United Nations Global Compact to which ACT is a signatory, by meeting or exceeding environmental regulations and by making safety and local job creation a priority as we expand our business interests.

“Realizing the crucial role the terminal plays locally and nationally with both economic and social impact, we have committed ourselves to overall sustainability in all facets of our operations, not the least of which are safety, health and community outreach.” ACT CEO Soren Hansen.

We strive to be a safety leader, a responsible corporate citizen and a great employer. We are working to enhance safety and risk management. We have made a commitment to further improve and take our HSSE and community social responsibility (CSR) performance to the next level.

ACT's company policy, principles and standards require proactive efforts to design, develop, operate and maintain economically, environmentally and socially advantaged facilities. It is a responsibility we take very seriously as corporate citizens and as members of the Aqaba community.

Our goal of zero fatalities and zero accidents is of major importance. Our commitment is to ensure ‘no harm to people’ and that applies to all our employees, contractors and sub-contractors and visitors.

Improving our environmental performance is another essential dimension of our sustainability efforts. As we continue to improve our environmental performance and reduce our operational environmental footprint, we are also working to help our customers to reduce their environmental footprint.

Additionally, as part of its CSR activities, ACT contributed through Madrasati initiative, and renovated two schools in Aqaba, this contribution aims to make a transformation impact on the physical infrastructure and the learning environment, which provide students with a safe physical environment to learn, develop and grow in these schools.

Internally, since 2008, ACT's budget for training and development has been increased by 66%. At present, ACT provides medical insurance coverage for 3,600 people, with all staff receiving health and safety training pertaining to the home as well as the workplace.

ACT is pleased to present its baseline sustainability report titled “Developing the Most Sustainable Gateway to Jordan and Beyond”, which covers the period from 2006 to 2011, providing an overview of our achievements, performance and priorities in the area of sustainability.

We are very proud to introduce this first comprehensive sustainability report which we believe will lay the foundation for even greater long-term success, both in business and community engagement. ACT CEO Soren Hansen.