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COVID-19: Aqaba Container Terminal is fully operational 24/7. To learn more about the latest Corona Virus measures taken by Jordan Maritime Commission click here , and  visit our News Room for more information about measures taken by the terminal.

Jordan Maritime Commission Procedure

In order to protect the Health and Safety of those working at sea (crew, pilot…) as much as those working ashore (local authorities, stevedoring, agents etc…), the following measures have been implemented by Jordan Maritime Commission on a temporary basis for every container vessel calling Aqaba.

Prior To Vessel Arrival

48 hours prior to arrival Aqaba, container vessels must provide Jordan Maritime Commission (JMC) with: 

  1. The list of the ports called by the vessel for the last 30 days prior to calling Aqaba 
  2. The list of the previous 10 ports of calls before Aqaba
  3. The names and nationalities of the crew onboard the ship
  4. Any crew change over the past 30 days with place, date and time of the change
  5. Any crew member suffering from temperature above 37.5C

Vessel Entering Jordanian Waters

Jordanian competent authorities will check the temperature of every crew member at pilot station. Protective gear requirement for all parties handling the ship in Jordanian waters and at berth ie crew members and any officials, agents, visitors or terminal employees going onboard and/or being in contact with the crew: 

  1. Face masks
  2. Eye protection
  3. Gloves
  4. Use of hand sanitizers before and after boarding

Vessel Crew Changes

No crew changes allowed in Jordan until further notice.

The above information is subject to changes without prior notice.