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Aqaba Container Terminal Celebrating Global Safety Day

"lead with care" was the slogan of the day when Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT), the preferred gateway to the Levant and beyond, celebrated Global Safety Day, organized by its mother company A.P. Møller – Maersk  and its  subsidiaries .

In keeping with this theme, the activities of the day reflected the company’s ongoing commitment to its employees and other stakeholders, and demonstrated ACT’s willingness to engage its frontline employees in the strategic planning and development of its daily business operations. In order to reduce health- and safety-related risks at the terminal, ACT continuously works alongside its employees to identify areas in which preventive controls and measures can be strengthened and provide employees with the support and resources necessary to ensure a safe work environment.

During the event, senior management and directors conducted site visits of the terminal’s workstations, docked ships, loading and unloading operations, and container inspection and storage facilities. These visits were accompanied by productive discussions with staff members, which included highlighting potential health and safety challenges and proposing appropriate solutions.

The celebration also included a virtual safety tour of ACT, conducted by David Skov, CEO of APM Terminals in Africa and the Middle East, who was accompanied by regional port managers from numerous other locations.

Commenting on the occasion, Skov said that, in recent years, the group has embarked on a new direction when dealing with the safety of its employees and terminal users. While APM Terminals has always considered its employees the core of its business and the key to developing solutions to public safety challenges within its daily operations, the group’s new ‘Leading with Care’ approach involves stronger, more frequent engagement between senior management and the experts on the frontlines of terminal operations. Skov explained that the active participation of employees in these kinds of discussions is the decisive factor in creating a safe, secure work environment.

The CEO of ACT, Soren Jensen, said that Maersk Group and APM Terminals focus on three strategic elements when it comes to maintaining exemplary health and safety standards at work: the first of these focuses on empowering their employees, as experts in their fields, to find solutions and improve safety standards. Secondly, training and development are essential to building and strengthening the capacities necessary for dealing with emergencies. Lastly, the group maintains open communication with the company’s experts on the front lines and ensures that it is responsive to employees’ needs.