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Step project

Aqaba Container Terminal Launch Step Initiative To Improve Schools

Aqaba Container Terminal (ACT), the preferred gateway for the Levant region and beyond, is proud to continue the implementation of its School Transformation and Education Program (STEP) which was launched last year in an effort to improve the education in the schools of Aqaba by providing an enhanced learning environment.

Several projects were implemented this year under the STEP initiative, including: the replacement of   school gates with more secure ones in three schools, installing metal sunshades in three schoolyards to protect students from Aqaba’s hot summer sun, in addition to providing them with three stainless-steel water coolers. Furthermore, ACT installed 11 whiteboards and donated a movable whiteboard along with 30 armchairs and 40 lab chairs.

CEO of ACT Soren Jensen said of the program, “We are very happy to continue our investment program to refurbish and upgrade public schools in Aqaba and the surrounding villages. Education is a pillar of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and one of the most impactful ways by which we can contribute to the community and improve the lives of citizens. Inspirational classrooms help to open the horizons of students and give them the best possible start to their learning journeys.”

From her side, Director of Education, Dr. Rabaa Al-Aidi thanked ACT for their ongoing support for the educational sector through the STEP program, which takes place annually before the start of the school year. Through this program, educational needs are studied and evaluated, in order to implement improvements in order of priority starting with maintenance carried out on a number of schools and kindergartens, the installation of external sunshades and gates, and providing necessary supplies. The Directorate commended the company's generous efforts and assistance.

Last year ACT prepared eight kindergarten classrooms in public schools – fully furnished and equipped for the needs of children and teachers – introducing things like reading corners and educational toys to make schools more fun and engaging for the children. The project also installed 24 ceiling fans for a new school in Aqaba, to prepare it for the summer season. Through its “Ekfal Taleb” campaign, ACT distributed 300 schoolbags filled with stationary to students in Aqaba and the surrounding area at the beginning of the school year, in cooperation with the NGO Helping Hands for Relief and Development.